Wasp Traps for Outdoor, Yellow Jacket Catcher 2 Pack

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  • 🐝2 Packs and Replaceable Sticky Board: Our package includes 2 wasp trap and 6 replaceable sticky board,and 2 hanging strings for convenient placement around branches or fences. These traps are ideal for catching bees or wasps in larger areas like ranches and gardens.
  • 🐝Uniquely Designed Wasp Repellent: This new bee catchers for outside boasts a unique design that not only helps you get rid of wasp invasion but also enhances the aesthetics of your garden, courtyard, and other outdoor spaces. The bright yellow color can attract wasps, at the same time the carpenter bee traps outdoor hanging with the outer layer has a bird guard to protect birds and other wildlife.
  • 🐝Effectively Get Rid of Wasps: Our wasp repellent features bright colors and unique patterns that lure in wasps and hornets. Once they’re drawn to it, they will be firmly stuck by the sticky paper, preventing their escape. Simply place the bee trap near insect nests to attract the wasps. It’s particularly effective when our homes are attacked by wasps and red wasps that can be damaging.
  • 🐝Safe and Durable Bee Traps Outdoor Hanging: The bee trap is constructed from durable plastic that is sunscreen and corrosion resistant.Suitable for use in different weathers,such as heat, rain and fog.Protect your home all year round.Our wasp repellent works by drawing the wasps into the trap naturally, without any odors or chemicals. Just hang the bee trap where the wasps like to be active,the hornets will be attracted,no need to worry about being threat to your family,pets and children.
  • 🐝Easy to Use: Remove the paper and set up the sticky trap along with the bird protector. Place it either by hanging or setting it upright in any desired location for bee capture. Once bees are trapped, simply swap out the sticky boards for new ones to maintain effectiveness. you can move this trap from one place to another with ease, with no need for dismantling or extra hassle.

The carpenter bee trap for yard is safe and effective.

Eliminate pesky carpenter bees in just four steps
1. Grasp the wasp trap and extract the net from it.
2. Peel off the release paper to expose the adhesive.
3. Position one end of the outer net beneath the lid until it clicks into the snap. Continue to install the remaining frames in sequence.
4.Pass the rope through the loop atop the lid, allowing the trap to dangle near the insect nest.

Reminder: Before replacing the sticky paper, please check whether all the wasps on the sticky paper are dead.

Package Quantity:
2 X Wasp Traps
6 X Sticky Paper
2 X Ropes


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