Revive Outdoors Grill Lights for BBQ with Bright LED Lights, Magnetic Base, and Flexible Gooseneck -Great BBQ Accessories -Includes Batteries


USE YOUR GRILL MORE OFTEN – These bright LED lights will light up your grill space so you can grill out even after the sun goes down. Our extra bright 9 bulb lights are perfect to help you tell if that burger is medium rare or well done EASILY ATTACHES TO MAGNETIC GRILLS – Not all stainless-steel grills are magnetic, and you should test your grill with another magnet to see if its magnetic FLEXIBILITY THAT SUITS YOUR NEEDS – The flexible gooseneck can be adjusted to any angle to give you light where YOU need it most. Whether it’s the grill, the grill prep area, the area around the grill, or the path back to the kitchen, the neck is easily turned to adjust to your specific needs ITS MORE THAN JUST A BBQ GRILL LIGHT – Buy this magnetic grill light for outdoor grilling but use it all year long. Our versatile light works great as a mechanics light in the garage, on the desk, while camping, and anywhere you need to attach a flashlight VALUE ADDED – Batteries ARE included with your purchase so you can start using them right away. These 2 lights are made from durable Aluminum Alloy and will resist the heat and moisture of being used on the grill outdoors. We also include a convenient storage box


Why should you choose this awesome grill light for yourself? If you are an outdoorsy person, then you will appreciate being able to use your grill more often. There’s nothing quite like the smell of the grill and with the Revive Outdoors Grill Light, you will be out there for as long as you have propane or charcoal. Do you normally use a regular flashlight and didn’t know that a magnetic flashlight existed? Just think- instead of trying to hold a flashlight, you could be holding a beer!Quick points for you to know about Revive Outdoors Grill Light**9 BRIGHT LED BULBS PER LIGHT – light up the entire grill area, not just the food**MAGNETIC BASE – will attach to any magnetized material so it doesn’t matter what kind of grill you have. Tip: to test your grill, use a refrigerator magnet where you think you will attach your light**360 DEGREE FLEXIBLE GOOSNECK – Adjusts perfectly without tools**MULTI PURPOSE LIGHT – Use it year round in other areas of the house and garage**BATTERIES INCLUDED – Each light requires 3 AAA batteries that come included**STORAGE CASE PROVIDED – Keep your lights protected until the next use


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