Liquid Bonsai Feed


About this item Probably the best general purpose bonsai feed in the world. 4-6-6 balanced feed for strong all-round growth. Measurements inside the cap.


Chrysal Bonsai Feed – 250ml bottle – NPK: 4-6-6 Probably the most popular bonsai feed in Britain. Easy to use, formulated for bonsai trees, widely available and cheap. Feeding requirements of bonsai trees vary. Only feed when your tree is actively growing. A general guide is to feed once a week from late spring to mid-autumn and once a month at other times or year. Some growers feed with a weak solution at every watering during the growing season. Make sure you recognise when your tree needs feeding and don’t feed too much – Over feeding causes more serious problems than under feeding so use with caution and don’t exceed the recommended usage amounts on the bottle.


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