Hat Saver Spray – Prevent Sweat Stains (3-(Pack))


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Hat Saver! Don’t Ruin Another Hat!

The Hat saver protects all types of hats against sweat stains and keeps them looking new.
Guaranteed! Hat Saver repels sweat, water, dirt and oily stains on all types of hats, including baseball caps, golf hats, straw hats, tennis hats, visors, cowboy hats, bucket hats and all other types of head coverings.
It may be used on all colors of smooth leathers and suede and all fabrics. Hat Saver is the only product of its kind designed specifically to protect your hat from sweat penetration and permanent stains while allowing your hat to breathe. Unlike Scotchgard, the Hat Saver formula does not seal the hat, rather allows it to breathe, providing you continual comfort and optimal stain protection while wearing the hat. Stops sweat stains before they happen! Repels sweat, water, dirt and oily stains Works on all types and fabrics of hats, including suede, leather and straw Dries completely invisible in 15 minutes Non-toxic formula One can treats approximately 6 to 8 hats Only one application is needed to extend the life of your hat indefinitely Hat Saver extends the life of your hats indefinitely! Hat Saver goes on and dries completely invisible and will not stain your hat. Just spray Hat Saver on the outside of your hat one time to prevent sweat stains from ruining your new hat.


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