BEE COLINE – 2 Packs – Wasp Trap Outdoor – Solar Powered Wasp Killer for Hornets, Yellow Jackets and Wasps – Reusable Insects Killer


  • Sturdy design: The wasp killer is created with a stable and attractive appearance that fits your home and garden. The wasp traps are made of ABS high-quality plastic having better durability even in hard weather conditions.
  • Working effective: The hornet traps for outdoors eliminate hornet, bees, wasp, and insects around your house and especially garden. You never have to worry about some harmful insects that can destroy fruit trees or crops. The baits used for the bee traps can be made by yourselves to get the best results.
  • Solar-powered blue light: The gnat traps for outdoors reusable bring the new version with the blue light that can be recharged by the solar cell. The light is used to lure insects in the night and catch them into the wasp killer.
  • Safe to use: The yellow jacket trap uses handmade baits by sweet liquid or meat to attract wasp and insects. All substances are non-toxic, not poisonous to people and pets.
  • Customer guaranteed policy: Each purchase includes two packs of reusable fly trap that has a long-lasting lifetime. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our hornet and bee killer, we guarantee to give you a full refund or replacement.
Color:Fruit Fly Trap for Wasp


BEE COLINE Durable Wasp Trap is the wise choice for you to get rid of annoying insects


– Non-toxic, no chemical and poisons.

– Easy to use and durable

– Solar-powered wasp trap

– Wide application: Trapping Wasps, Hornets, Mosquitoes, Flies and Bugs…


1. Please keep in mind do not overfill the bait to exceed the water line in the bottle.

2. Please turn on the switch of the solar energy light to make sure that it can automatically turn on and work at night.

3. Try to put different baits such as beer, honey or sugar water. 4. Place the insect trap in different places to attract more insects.


1. Unscrew the cap of the insect trap and pull out it.

2. Add beer, honey or sugar water into the trap to attract wasps.

3. Hang the wasp killer near the places where have lots of insects.



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